Stefanos Foundation Projects

legal aidThis enables Christians to live and survive well in the Muslim dominated areas within Nigeria.

Inspired by our Aims and Objectives, we:

  • Show God’s compassion – by visiting prisoners of faith and prisoners of conscience in Nigerian prisons.
  • Serve God’s church and Speak as God’s Advocate – by lobbying for Christians in difficult situations around the areas of persecution, by involving government and local authorities.  We have successfully defended many Christians, secured fairer treatment for them in their communities and been instrumental in resolving conflicts that could otherwise have escalated.
  • Share God’s love – through our involvement with Christians who are being unjustly treated.  We will work to defend a single Christian if necessary even if this means travel to remote areas.  No Christian should be allowed to suffer unjustly.

Man being interviewedWe seek to raise awareness both within Nigeria and wider afield, through our Development Office.

We are working particularly at present to bring information to churches in Nigeria so that they can support their suffering brothers and sisters in neighbouring states.

To help raise global awareness we network with media including the BBC, and through other bodies such as Northern Elders’ Christian Forum (NOSCEF), Christian Legislators, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

Burned out houses near Jos - March 2014 (2)We have re-roofed many burnt buildings and homes belonging to Christians in crisis areas.

Over 250 homes have been re-roofed in Kumutu, Taraba, Langtang, Wase, Yelwa and Rim village.

We have designed and arranged manufacturing facilities for emergency tents to be used by families in these situations.

20140306_141521Many crisis victims have deep heart wounds that have not been attended to.  Stefanos organises trauma counselling to help treat these wounds.

In 2015 we helped hundreds of traumatised Christians through Trauma Counselling workshops and other pastoral activities, and in 2016 we anticipate that many Christians who are likely to witness untold horrors in their homes and communities will again be helped by these workshops.

20140304_110448 - Naka - Lady with two childrenWe have distributed relief materials to victims in crisis areas, to meet immediate and urgent needs of food, clothing, medicine and temporary accommodation.

About the Stefanos Foundation

Who are Stefanos?

Stefanos is the rising hope of the persecuted.  Our main aim is to serve persecuted Christians in Nigeria and around the world.

What we do?

Our Purpose is to support Christians in Nigeria suffering persecution.

About Nigeria

Nigeria is a huge country and the most populous in Africa – a nation of over 140 million people, predominantly Muslim in the north and Christian in the south.

Our partners

We receive ongoing financial and strategic support from our UK partners Active Service Trust and Release International.