What we do

Our Purpose is to support Christians in Nigeria suffering persecution. Our Aims and Objectives are:

  • Showing God’s compassion Providing for the needs of the families of martyrs and prisoners of faith
  • Serving God’s church Enabling them to survive persecution and its effects
  • Sharing God’s love Helping the persecuted church win to Christ, those who are opposed to the gospel
  • Spreading God’s Word Supplying Bibles and other literature to meet the need for growth and evangelism
  • Speaking as God’s Advocates Being the voice of the martyrs and the oppressed.

Nigeria is a huge country and the most populous in Africa – a nation of over 140 million people, predominantly Muslim in the north and Christian in the south.

Hundreds of homes and churches have been torched, and Christian men, women and children terrorised, macheted or shot.  Government military forces provide little or no protection and are increasingly complicit in these attacks. 

In the North-West, victims are not eligible for relief funding if they are Christians. Our aim is to help victims of aggression and those suffering discrimination simply for being Christians.

In recent times, the church in north and central Nigeria has fallen victim to discrimination, intimidation and dreadful violence, fueled by Islamic terrorism and expansionism.

By supporting Stefanos Foundation you help us provide funding for widows and orphans, work for justice in the courts, and bring the attention of world media to what is happening here on our doorstep.